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About me

Writer of Articles, Quotes and Poems (English, Kannada, Telugu, Hindi), Co-Author, Teacher

I am a preeminent and passionate multilingual writer of quotes, articles and poems that includes Kannada, Telugu, Hindi, Urdu and English. I also teach India's regional languages Telugu, Kannada and Hindi to children as a social service.  My strength is positive thinking and that reflects in my writing. 

My father is my greatest influencer in my writing journey. I firmly believe that every experience in life is a learning and I am doing my best to contribute myself to societies all over the world by sharing my writings and spread positivity. 

Apart from quotes, articles and Poems, I have co-authored a few books like “50 faces of Gratitude”, “The Dot that changed my life”, “A Melange of Outpourings” , and “Code, Uncode your Psy-Key” which was published by Spark-Igniting minds publications.

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