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Digitalized world

Life is easy, life is crazy

In this digital world

People like technology

Now and Going forward

Machines are on a high note

Universe is on mystical thrust

Emitting chemicals is a threat

Still we want that digital treat

Good and bad happens together

Decision is ours when we have power

Moving with the world is needed

Chaos in Environment is neglected

Having fun with an automation

Without the knowledge of contamination

Like an old say little is good always

Too much of anything is poisonous anyway

Appreciate the intelligent designs

Man has discovered many things

Centuries back in prehistoric period

We have technology on par with today

The inventions then had no side effects

Oh man! think once today why repercussions

Preserve nature made while progressing man made

We still have a responsibility to be fulfilled

That giving back the green world to future generations

Poor little ones enter the world without any preparation

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Hitangxi Bhuta
Hitangxi Bhuta
Jun 28, 2021

Very nice

Roopa Rani Bussa
Roopa Rani Bussa
Jun 28, 2021
Replying to

Thank you hitangxhi ❤️

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