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Discover the value of Silence

Lovely morning chirps that’s heard even before one gets up from the bed is amazingly soothing. Nature's benevolent and graceful sound that pleases every ear is the divinely poise one could ever have. Each minute passes by, we listen to enormous sounds which keep us occupied. The mind is working continuously listening to numerous sounds like harmony, melodious vibrations, cacophony, buzz etc. Humans are accustomed to the sounds that no one wants to experience real silence that exists in the essence of the world.

Motivations, innovations, correlations all are going down the graph. The different anonymous sounds every second from various mediums are influencing the thought processes of people. Has anyone ever tried to listen to the sound of silence? Probably “NO” because humans fell in this provoking acquisitiveness and think silence is saintly. No wonder there’s an increase in hospitals, therapies rehabs these days.

Silence resonates deeply into the soul. Just like a Word spoken produces sound, silence has the sound that can be heard only to those who are willing to listen to it. The sound of silence penetrates to channelise the tremendous energy and Ecstatic serendipity to life.

We are so habituated to the sounds that we cannot accept ourselves or others being silent. The power of silence withholds a supreme voice that connects self to the soul. It creates a beautiful path to unbiased salvation. Aforetime sages chose silence as a media to connect with God. It was called meditation and in Sanskrit it’s called Tapas.

They with a noble aim and determination go away from the crowd, meditate to feel their soul and then to attain “moksha” that is salvation. They gain the power to overcome their own senses. They would get detached with the world around them and concentrate silently to acquire the true accordance with their soul. Silence cannot be gained in one day. Like we learn and practice every other thing, silence also needs practice. Over a period of time one can discern the valuable velocity achieved through silence.

Many poets and scientists tried to give the perfect definition for silence. I honestly think it’s the personal experience that can give the exact definition of silence which can make a remarkable impact on the individual souls. if the silence is not seasoned it would be quite far to reach consciousness. There are two types of silences which are secret embellishments of life. Those are Soundless silence and sound full silence. The soundless silence is one which sparks conscience to find the soul's destination. That means being totally immersed into the quintessence of soul to attain phenomenal contentment called self liberation. And those who are experiencing sound full silence ascertain themselves in the intermediate solitude by befriending nature’s five elements. The harmony while being with the sublime confidants earth, water, air, fire and wind. The heart instinctively finds peace and also develops positive, superior thoughts amidst those angelic companions

As we go deeper all the sounds of the top layer would disappear . And then the vibes of silence take emotions to the path of self realisation. To be involved in it one has to excel the disturbances around themselves. Then the bonafide silence deep inside would generate the vibrations beyond the notion and reverberation of the same is distinctively venerable. The spirit attained in that realm is mesmerizingly amazing.

The silence is beyond the five senses which will surpass the regular vision of eyes, acoustic ears, luscious taste of tongue, empathetic feel of touch, and aromatic smell of nose.

One can refer, the silence for suffering or salvation. Just a nanoscopic difference of thoughts can lead them to hell or heaven. Keep your thoughts intact and that is possible by practicing silence. Life is unpredictable, yes in that tangible interceptions choose to stay calm and be silent everyday for at least ten minutes. This is called practice to understand silence which is called “maunam” in Sanskrit. Disrupting sounds that may distract the thoughts can cause hindrance to approach our conscience. The uninterrupted practice to stay silent would generate the preponderant energy for the pristine soul.

Silence gives answers for many unanswered questions. A successful person in the community may be striving for peace. It’s neither the richness nor the status that gives people an eligible freedom to their soul. It’s the self-satisfaction and self-awareness that makes one to be free from all the undesirable desires or worries. The significance of silence plays a vital role in understanding the truth or reality. The sounds of rapaciousness would blind the eyes of people who eventually become deaf to listen to the voice of silence. However, humans have to have cognition to understand and experience the value of silence, “the gracious gift”.

To communicate with others one needs speech but to communicate with self, one needs silence. The soul remains untouchable until and unless you tune yourself to reach realisation with a good connotation. Be a qualified person to treat or greet the inner world.

Explicit value of silence is experienced with an inexplicable fact that it is reachable if the efforts are invested just like any other success. The one finest way to get resilient is observing silence when it is profoundly needed. Resilience is the powerful vivacity to build self-consciousness.

Learned or unlearned, anyone can talk to the soul through the language of silence. Feel the sense of untold and unknown side of self through the “Mahasadhanam” the greatest instrument and the greatest practice called silence.

शब्दे निःशब्दं निःशब्दे शब्दश्च श्रुतो नित्यम्।

योऽभ्यस्यति स आप्नोति मोक्षमिति सत्यम्॥

There is sound in silence and silence in sounds

The one who practises the same would attain salvation and that’s the truth!

Jai Bharath

Vande Mataram 🙏🏻

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