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"I am in You"

I’m Omnipotent!

I’m everywhere...

Right from the very beginning,

I’m with you...

craving for your attention.

Just look at me. I'm eagerly and enthusiastically waving my hands...

notice me, then maybe your vision towards life may change.

Happiness voices out from our inner soul. Often we neglect those infrasonic sounds of conscience amidst the supersonic noises from various directions.

Diversions are inevitable and so are the inconveniences while getting through those rigid moments. If we can hear our soul, it may guide us to be happy according to the permitted situation with satisfied connotations.

Petty things are pretty. Get on to it to experience its beauty. Experience gives lessons and also may give some unexpected peppiness to exhilarate new essence from any bits and pieces. Each step in the path might be the stepping stone for the mighty grace of the future. Pull the smile over from wherever it’s hiding. Constantly take care of not frowning.

I Whisper!

A little effort from you, I will make you feel content unbelievably. I’m here as an aesthetic emotion, invoke me as a part of your life. I will be at your side giving insightful inspiration all the time.

Aah! Dear people, you all are lucky enough to have me as your serendipitous follower. Though you neglect me I’m Kind enough to divert your thoughts by poking you with Sub-audible sounds from inside.

Don’t run behind the problems. anyway, they will come with you even if you don’t want to. Yes, dears, that's life's insinuations. When you are going through the rough patch, time is evaluating your capabilities nevertheless it also wants to test how beautifully you add me in your quintessential progressions.

Many times Life doesn’t give you any hint. It just pounces upon you. I have concern for you so, in every instance I come before you in the form of an idea and bring peace to your vicinity no matter how great and intensified the situation will be.

I empathize!

I believe this is not my job to intimate you dear people! But out of good intentions and a very little selfishness of mine I’m trying to give a push to take you away from your worry-filled life styles.

Common, don't think too much about my selfishness now! just that my energy is getting wasted if you don’t utilize me properly. Probably then my purpose remains untouched, making the world more chaotic. This Small concern of mine may have a big impact on earth.

I Interpret!

Busiest world running at the fastest pace where No time for anyone to consider me as a visitor in your lives too. whereas I sincerely want to stay with you all permanently. Competitions, jealousy, money, ill-satisfaction, lethargical activities etc. etc., are surpassing my visibility in a day to day activities. People are becoming greedy to earn more of everything. Anything more is poisonous is what we learnt isn’t it! And where there is poison I can’t stay there. I will be gone the next moment because the poison obsoletes my place and my presence. I feel uncomfortable When dissatisfaction roars. In Olden days I was always present within people and was dancing in the form of good words and was bringing harmony amongst each other and in the society. Now the problems are so much that people want me from their bad deeds. This sort of misutilization is choking me and hence I can’t stay with people for long.

I caution!

Dear people, at least now you all realize! Without me or with very less of me your lifetime has been reduced to half. I’m here around you. invite me with benevolence. Give me a beautiful environment that I can never leave you.

Earn everything with kindheartedness. Feel satisfied with your actions. These will improve your health. This also provides you an opportunity to touch the flow of positive energy emitting from you. Turndown all negativities.. Slowly and gradually your intentions get filtered to the better side. You would start hearing my infrasonic sounds from your inner self. Follow the intuitions to illuminate your own world. Draw yourself towards an Unfeigned enlightenment then I will be entangled with your beautiful soul and that will be my sanctuary. Increase your lifespan. Live life to the fullest then happiness that’s me I can make your world rosy.

I Enlighten!

Keep me in your smiles reap me in your achievements Glee me in your cordialness. Share me with your near and dear ones. Let’s not allow agonies rule us but instead we initiate the wonderful magic policy called LIVE AND LET LIVE. By this we are away from forlornness and can invigorate true me (Happiness) as the pleasant personality within you. You shall pass on the same vibes to the people around you.

An amazing encircle of delightful actions not only fortifies you and your inner soul but they also create graceful vibrations. Serenity comes from you resonating to the world, that can change the mindset of many towards positive inclination. Happiness that’s me I evolve from your inner soul. May You be an instrument to transform this universe towards an undiminishing goodness just like the profound nature. Do your duty, I follow your path multiplying myself to many folds and spread through the earth with the utmost strength to make life worthwhile.

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Hitangxi Bhuta
Hitangxi Bhuta
Jun 28, 2021

Too good Roopa 🤩

Roopa Rani Bussa
Roopa Rani Bussa
Jun 28, 2021
Replying to

Thank you so much Hitangxhi ❤️


Proud of you 😍

Roopa Rani Bussa
Roopa Rani Bussa
Jun 27, 2021
Replying to

Thank you 😊

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