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Key to Strength

Life is wonderful only when we feel it! Isn’t it? If anyone asks me this question my answer would be an absolute Yes. World we see has many directions and dimensions. It’s our thought process which decides whether our lives are tough or easy. The way our thoughts eminently rove every second, makes a huge impact on the happenings of our life. Life is a reflection of thoughts.

A source of energy is the power boosting substance in this universe. Sun is the energy for earth and life. Likewise every action is driven by some energy. Conscience is the Brilliant Energy for our mind, body and soul. Just like the rays of sun touch the world and bring consciousness, our thoughts would touch the conscience and usher the sensation to our spirits. What we think is what we get! You would concur this statement only if you mull over the past activities for a moment. The miracles or staggerings would just follow the directions stated by the train of thoughts. Thoughts can be marvellous and at the same time they can be monstrous. Watch carefully what you feed in. Propel the right energy in the right direction for a beautiful life. Let the heart be conscientious while communicating with the mind.

Emotions are the waves of the heart. They embed with mind, body and soul throughout our lives. They can make or break us. Balancing them needs lot of self-controlling skills. Manage them well for harmony in life. Let’s not forget or be clueless about the phenomenal Mind Power. Mind is a sponge which absorbs pious or poison. For the reason that What we sow is what we reap.

वदेयुस्सर्वदा सर्वे बोधपूर्वकमबोधपूर्वकं च शुभम्।

यतो यन्मनस्तच्चिन्तनं भवेत्यच्चिन्तनं तज्जीवनम् ॥


With or without knowledge, we should always speak ethically because our emotions are thoughts and thoughts are life.

Creating negative circles around the thought process like expecting the worst is the root cause for all the adversities that hit our path. Most of the time we would try to blame every other thing for all mishaps transpiring in our lives. Instead use the efficiency to metamorphose the dispiritedness to sanguinity. Negativity swiftly attracts the attention and in due course that forms a baffling cloud in the mindset. Be smart and burst the cloudy bubble at that very moment by educating the mind's eye. Consciously sieve the flow of thoughts until the vision is clear to foresee the optimistic outlook. As we know everything is learned by constant practice including this.

Life is never chaotic once we master our emotions and also learn to enforce them in our rationales. Life’s occurrences sometimes seem like a rollercoaster ride. On no occasion, intentionally or unintentionally, neither let our thoughts imbibe infectious ideas nor let the mind remain oblivious because those are the solid reasons for its own desolation. Predominantly cogitating our thoughts would help us avoid snagging.

Our Mind tree has the roots in our hearts. And the manure which we induce are the thoughts. The mind reproduces the same strength that you feed in. That could be either organic or inorganic. Let’s explicate variations of thoughts and their idiosyncrasies. Organic thoughts revive the epitomised form of positive enthusiasm. They can cultivate healthy and energetic power into every cell of our body, mind and soul invariably pave the way to disease free life. Inorganic thoughts deceive the ethos of the mind tree by their blackgold looks. Inciteful demonic poison inside the mind’s entity would affect the cells of body, mind and soul consequently.

Let the thoughts breathe but not overwhelm. Discover your own methodology to cleanse thoughts’ complications in your arena. Stay happy within yourself. Everything starts within us. We are the sole reason to encumber or embrace the feelings. Choose only those actions which can please mindtree and its roots. Beloved thoughts are the lassos to control the power of the situations or circumstances in life.

In many of the old scriptures we have read and learned about six enemies. We will just recollect them to understand their intensities. Stay away from these six enemies: anger, jealousy, greediness, lust,pride,attachments. Beware of infirm thoughts, like insects they may get caught in vicious webs. We would not allow an unfilterable venom to get invoked in thoughts and invade us as a whole.

As highly as possible, talk, think and listen to graceful talks that itself is a brilliant step to enrich the power of mind.“Our subconscious mind, conscience and running thoughts are the phenomenal forces of energy which meticulously registers the words we speak and thoughts we think (either good or bad) eventually materialising them that means “tathAstu''. In Sanskrit the meaning of tathAstu is “let what you think happen”. When the divine spirit ascertains, the thoughts circulating in mind and heart would come true without fail. Thus practise to speak virtuously, think righteous and do good. Ultimately wonderful things would start happening. That's the Key to Strength.

Modern lifestyle has influenced people to a great extent. We are exposed to many unseen threads of the world. Most of us have an opinion that modernising is getting more civilised. GenZ, millennials are attracted towards this purported sophistication. And in this process we are ignoring to enshrine the holy possessions in lieu cussing has become a way of life. Ever since this modernity attained undue fame, the old and eminent practices almost faded such that the mildest of the hurdles also cannot be handled in this contemporary world. Addictions for regrettable superfluous luxuries has left us with frail wit. Now the day has arrived, the mind needs ancillary power to overcome life’s ocean waves. Time has come to reinforce the traditional good thoughts and make the mind think sensibly in all variations beyond the comfort zone. Never allow despair to rule the thought process. An immanent mind power can make impossible things happen. Build the mind power to the extent that they would not get into negative circles. Refrain from pessimism and retain acumens. Nurture the conscience with discipline and amplify the power of mind to inexplicable heights. Understand the significant strength of mind and heart. For this you don’t have to be a monk, sage or do penance. Just keep your thoughts and feelings pure and in prosperous moderations. The good vibes that are in your inner sphere would make your senses beautifully balanced. You witnessing your own approach towards life would be a complimenting connotation for self rise. Nothing in the world is impossible when your mind has power to manifest its strength in dangling thoughts. A healthy Mind Power represents you in its dynamic energy.

चित्ते प्रसन्ने भुवनं प्रसन्नं चित्ते विषण्णे भुवनं विषण्णम् ।

अतोऽभिलाषो यदि ते सुखे स्यात् चित्तप्रसादे प्रथमं यतस्व ॥


When the mind is happy, the entire world (seems) happy. When the mind is despondent, the entire world (seems) despondent. Hence, when you desire happiness, strive towards the happiness of the mind first.

नमस्कारम्। My salutations 🙏🏻

Jai Bharath जयतु भारतम्।

vande mataram वन्दे मातरम्।🙏🏻

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