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Spring is coming

Waiting for this time

Holding my eyes to regime

Tree speaks the heart

To vanquish these tough interims

Hey cold wind! I borne you

At times snow and at times blow

You made my leaves fall

Took off my beauty charm

I’m patiently marking time

For my hay day signings

From the bottom of my roots

Now I’m strong and pulchritudinous

Slowly waving my hands and

Welcoming sun to the season’s fair

See the branches are robust

In delivering their flair

Meticulously looking forward

For the right time to germinate

I’m happy with the vanishing winter

Lemme wake up my dear friends faster

Spring is coming to spright up the world

I’m energetic like no one can beat me

Dear Folks I’m happy to reinvigorate

Arriving there to create a spellbound climate

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